Are you considering renting out your property?


Want to know how much rental your property could generate for you each month?


Want professional advice on the future plan of your property?


Having trouble dealing with your current agent/agency?


What's the difference between a specialist a property manager and a real estate agent?


Diamond Property Management Group offers exceptional property management service. Our team members are property management veterans from this competitive industry. 

We are a Property Management ONLY agency. Our team is only focusing on providing a satisfying property management service. Unlike many real estate agents whose major concern is selling and getting properties to list, which lead the property management to be the "the second priority job" to them. Too often, the reason they obtain the rental listings is to fulfil their vendor database rather than professionally property management, which is what they believe how to make the "big money" in the future. 

The key difference of being with Diamond Property Management is we dedicate and shape ourselves to property management. We believe property management service has been left out by the real estate industry and we are here to make it up, which leads our service to be appreciated by existing customers and referral channels. 

There are not enough words to share our passion with you on this page and we can assure you deserve a hassle-free property management service. It's just a phone call or email away to get on-board with us, we are here to help. 


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