Our Mission

At Diamond Property Management, we believe that everyone deserves to receive a solid return on investment when they rent out their property.

That's why we are committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs, whether you are an individual property investor, a developer, or a student housing investor. Our team of experienced leasing and property management specialists will ensure that your property is managed with a professional, investor-focused approach, and that potential risks are identified, monitored, and mitigated. We will also ensure that you are compliant with all relevant Victorian laws and regulations, so that you can rest assured that your investment is in safe hands.

For property owners, DPM provides an invaluable service that will help you to maximise your rental returns and minimise your risk.

For renters, DPM offers a secure and reliable source of rental accommodation that is managed by experienced professionals.

Our Advantages

Specialising in the rental market to enable a more professional and consistent service.

DPM is based in Hawthorn, with extensive experience managing rentals throughout Melbourne. Our strengths include a focus on the rental market, expert rental market guidance, dedicated rental management, precise marketing, and property investment planning advice. By partnering with Australia’s largest local paid property advertising platform, we use the industry’s most advanced database management system for efficient and reliable services. With a powerful cloud-based tenant database and comprehensive e-consultation call-back system, we have achieved a record for the fastest tenant sign-up time of 24 hours.

Our Features

Unlike traditional sales-oriented agencies, we are focused solely on leasing and property management.

  • Full-service coverage - we serve the entire Melbourne Metropolitan area
  • 24-hour response time - we respond to inquiries within 24 hours
  • Fast turnaround - rents are transferred directly into our trust account and into the landlord’s account within two business days
  • More comprehensive financial reporting - we provide detailed monthly statements and financial reports to simplify your fiscal year tax return
  • Regular lease payment reviews - the rental value of your property is regularly reviewed, and rent adjustments are discussed with you to ensure your rental income keeps pace with market changes
  • Lease Management Takeover - if you are unsatisfied with your current agency, our property manager will handle the takeover process for you with no hassle.

DPM Services

  • Create exclusive graphical reports: home inspections and entry reports are presented graphically for easy comparison and viewing by owners
  • Create an online login portal: owners can instantly view rent records, repair and maintenance
  • status, housing check-ins/outs, graphical reports, and other key information
  • Regular exclusive visits: our stable bilingual management team provides regular exclusive visits to ensure smooth communication
  • Provide professional maintenance: we schedule professional, timely maintenance services at a reasonable cost for high-quality service.

DPM’s Comprehensive Services

  • Estimate potential rental income
  • Provide professional-grade photos, video, and descriptions of properties
  • Professional photography (static, video, and drone) available upon request
  • 7-day inspections/appointments with our professional leasing team
  • Quick response to inquiries
  • Regular weekend property inspections
  • Private inspections by appointment
  • Data verification and detailed review of applicant’s application and rental history
  • Marketing emails sent through a professional CRM database
  • Targeted customer groups for accurate promotion
  • Rent collection and related fees (including owners’ corporate fees, council fees, VCAT fees, etc.)
  • Regular market rent assessment of the property
  • Regular 6-month visits and inspection reports
  • Coordinated and organized maintenance and repair work
  • Complete monitoring system with a “zero tolerance” policy for non-payment of rent
  • Preparation and filing of insurance claims, VCAT applications, and court documents in case of lease disputes
  • Representing rental providers in court, following up on law enforcement to organise and execute evictions and search warrants